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  • You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    by Leslie Spenser, Domenick Salvatore

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    Welcome to Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer

    At age 44, I was diagnosed with both breast cancer and a pre-cancer of my cervix. Over the next 18 months, I had a double mastectomy, hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. But I also followed a great fitness and nutrition program so I could enter my first women’s figure contest at the end of it all!

    Most people would not think it’s possible to feel feminine, fit and beautiful after cancer treatment and menopause, but it is. My goal is to inspire and equip you with a practical and effective plan so that you, too, can be strong, built, and beautiful after breast cancer and into your post-menopausal years. 

    I created this site as a place where you can find inspiration and direction for fitness and nutrition into your middle age years and beyond, especially if you have had breast cancer or are in menopause. 

    I post a new blog entry every few months and would love to hear your comments, suggestions and questions. I’d love to know your greatest challenges and share your successes with you, too!                                           --Leslie Spencer      


    Leslie Spencer is a professor of health and exercise science at Rowan University in New Jersey. Married to Stuart Spencer, a Presbyterian minister, she is also the mother of Sam and Miles, ages 15 and 10.