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  • You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    by Leslie Spenser, Domenick Salvatore

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    My Figure Competitions

    I’ve heard it called a “beauty pageant with muscles”, and that’s not far from the mark. Women’s figure competitions are where the sport of body building meets Barbie. I train hard six days a week for a year to prepare for each of the competitions I’ve been in and am proud of the muscles I’ve grown in the process. Yet, I want to feel feminine and beautiful – not like an amazon! Women’s figure competitions have become very popular in recent years because I’m not alone in my desire to be both strong AND feminine. Make no mistake – it’s an athletic contest where the winners are chosen based on the development and beauty of their muscles, not their breasts! Yet there’s an aesthetic quality to the contest, too, and wearing a beautiful, glittering bikini and false eyelashes are also part of the package. To be honest, I love that part! It’s fun to wear such a glamorous swimsuit to show off my hard-earned physique. Competing also gives me a goal to work toward, which helps me maintain my motivation to exercise, eat well and stay fit.