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  • You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    by Leslie Spenser, Domenick Salvatore

    Here's a link to my book on Amazon.  Thanks for your interest!

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    Available September 2012!

    After a year of searching for a publisher, I was thrilled and honored when Meyer and Meyer Sport offered to publish and promote my book, You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer.

    In 144 full-color pages, I share my story of becoming a figure competitor after completing treatment for breast cancer.  Chapters include:

    "You look better AFTER cancer than before"

    "You'll never lift more than 10 pounds again"

    My exercise goal today is walking to the mailbox (i.e. my training program through canceer)

    Everything tastes like dirty pennies (i.e. my diet)

    Failing to plan is planning to fail

    The beauty pageant with muscles

    Making it all work together

    Appendix:  The conditioning and flexibility program (with photos and instructions)

    My goal is to inspire and equip readers to set and reach their own health and fitness goals, even in the face of overwhelming challenges.  I share what worked, what didn't, and what I learned about myself and my abilities over the 18-month process of completing cancer treatment and preparing for an athletic competition.  Contributing author Domenick Salvatore has provided terrific instructions, with photos, to guide you through exercises designed for breast cancer survivors who want to regain their range of motion, strength and flexibility.

    Here is a link to my book on Amazon.

    Here is a link to my book on Barnes and Noble.