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  • You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    You Can Be Beautiful Beyond Breast Cancer
    by Leslie Spenser, Domenick Salvatore

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    My Story

    I’ve always been intrigued by people who have a “story” to tell about their lives; something attention-getting and unique that has happened to them or that they’ve done. Up until I had cancer, I never felt that I had a story like that to tell. Now I do, and it has been a real joy to tell it and see the smiles it produces as people learn how and why I decided to train for a figure competition while I was going through breast cancer treatment. I love to tell my story! It gives me a sense of something positive and important coming out of a hard life experience. 







      From Breast Cancer Survivor to Figure Competitor

    This video was created for and posted on as part of the Her Story series.  I thank my friends Frederic and Jennifer Haubrich for inviting me to make this video, producing it, and connecting me with